My name is Edd Scorpio. I am here to teach you to be safe; to avoid and prevent crime in your life,  your household, your community – and when necessary, to escape danger and report crime so that the perpetrators will hopefully be caught and prevented from harming you or others.

I am not here to make you the next MMA fighter, Olympic Boxer or Action Movie star. I am here to remind you of your own power, to make you aware of the tools you already have to protect yourself and your family – and how to best use them. While my personal experience may often serve to illustrate a point, the most important thing about these classes/seminars is that YOU acquire the knowledge and skill to live safer – and to help make your Family & Community safer in the process!

My family is First Nations, French (among the first to explore N. America), N. African, Levantine & Caribbean. I have also worked within – and count many friends among the LGBTQ2S community.

I have too many friends/relatives, and have met too many others, who have been assaulted; I want to make certain that happens less and is reported more!

I have spent decades in related fields and bring much personal experience to my classes, including:

  • Teaching Assault Prevention for more than 30 years
  • Training in and teaching various Martial Arts (Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Kendo)
  • Veteran, Canadian Armed Forces (Infantry)
  • Volunteer Patrol Leader (first in Canada) and Head Trainer, The Alliance of Guardian Angels, Inc.
  • K-9 Officer
  • Private Investigator
  • High Threat Security Guard
  • Alarm Service Investigator
  • Bouncer/Cooler
  • 7+ years Community Policing Volunteer with Hamilton Police Services – invited/participated as a Community Representative in creating a Five Year Business Plan for HPS (plus numerous interactions with various departments in various police/emergency organizations)
  • Computer, Networking & Internet specialist
  • Participation in many volunteer efforts to cleanup, renew and rebuild communities in Ontario, Canada & Louisiana, US

My clients have included many private citizens as well as: the Canadian Federal Government, major Motion Pictures, Property Management Corporations, Personal Security, the Insurance Industry, “Out Of The Cold” Shelter Program, The Institute For Professional Engineers, Barclay’s Bank and many others.