What’s In Your Pocket?

Borrowing from a certain Credit Card ad everyone has heard…”What’s In Your Pocket”?

You must unlearn what you have learned (Master Yoda)

What do you carry with you that makes you feel safe? A weapon? A “defensive spray”? Keys? A Talisman or Charm? Your Mobile Phone, maybe? Are you aware that these are mostly useless in an emergency – especially one where defending yourself or another is concerned?

  • Weapons that people carry for “defence” are all too often used against them (or stolen and used to perpetrate a crime on someone else).
  • The old adage about walking with your keys “stuck between your fist like claws” is liable to get your face scratched (or worse). The best way to carry your keys is in your hand ready to use (to unlock the door).
  • “Defensive Spray” that is available for sale to the general public is generally less useful than a can of hair spray during an attack…not to mention the time it takes to remove it from a bag and use it – and it’s as likely to spray into your face, as it is into that of your attacker!

Few plan to fail, but many fail to plan

Much better to carry CONFIDENCE, AWARENESS, MINDFULNESS & STRENGTH…and a PLAN in the event of an emergency! These tools are “one size fits all”, very difficult to take from you, cannot be used against you and easily accessible at a moment’s notice!



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