These are not Martial Arts classes, nor are they designed to lure you into a long term commitment to some other class or club. This knowledge is presented to remind you how strong you can be, to empower you, to make you aware of the tools you already have to protect yourself and your family – and how to best use them. The most important thing about these classes/seminars is that YOU acquire the knowledge and skill to live safer – and to help make your Family & Community safer in the process!

All classes/seminars are taught by Master Instructor Edd Scorpio – a long time supporter of Crime Stoppers, Community Policing and Neighbourhood Watch. He has taught Assault Prevention classes to many individuals from 8 to 85 – and corporate clients as varied as The City Of Mississauga, Regal Cards, Appleby College and The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.

Practical, useful, easy to learn. If you show up and pay attention, you will leave knowing at least one thing that could keep you/your loved ones safe – or even save a life!

Assault Prevention Classes & Safety Seminars available by appointment, though occasionally we may host public classes in the community. If you are interested, please contact us to make arrangements.

Classes are directed at empowering Women (13+, 13-16 should be accompanied by an adult), though arrangements may be made for other groups. Please note, we generally do not teach co-ed classes, we have taught co-ed classes in the past and determined it is more effective to teach to groups of singular gender – people tend to be more comfortable and open this way (and therefore more likely to participate fully).

Safety Seminars may be directed at any mixed group:

  • Schools
  • Community/Social Groups
  • Corporate Teams
  • Seniors/Veterans
  • …or any group of like minded individuals!


Assault Prevention Classes are designed to be 3 hours each and include:

  • comprehensive psychological and physical training (while you can learn/perform these moves in virtually anything, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended)
  • “Social Engineering” – what it is and how to avoid it
  • safety at home or on the road
  • Cyber Security
  • practical tips and guidelines for staying safe and avoiding trouble


Classes may be taught virtually anywhere with a reasonable amount of space – empty boardroom, small classroom, church basement, Legion hall…if you do not have a space available, we may recommend/designate one. Classes require a minimum of 4 people (a preferred maximum of 10) at your location, $60 per person. Travel beyond the immediate vicinity of Port Colborne may incur a travel charge.

Safety Seminars are approximately 90 minutes and include some psychological training as well as practical tips and guidelines for staying safe and avoiding trouble – both in the outside world and online. Questions are encouraged. These may be presented anywhere with sufficient seating, clear sight lines and reasonable acoustics. Seminars require a minimum of 4 people at your location, $30 per personTravel beyond the immediate vicinity of Port Colborne may incur a travel charge.

Rates may be negotiable for certain groups. If you are interested in a class or seminar, please contact us with details.