Please answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability – for example, if you don’t drive, answer the car questions as you think they should be. The answers are important to YOUR safety (we don’t know who you are and cannot personally identify you).

Your answers and the correct answers will be shown at the end along with your score. Good luck!

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Begin Safe Habits Test

Do you consider it an imposition to ask anyone who drives you home at night to wait until you’re safely inside?


Do you pick up innocent-looking hitchhikers if they’re neatly dressed and alone?


If you are walking on the street and someone calls from a car to ask directions, do you go over to the car and try to help out?


Do you keep your car in good running order with plenty of gas in the tank at all times?


If you suspected someone was following you along a sidewalk, would you…


If someone gets out of a vehicle and threatens you with harm if you don’t get into the vehicle with them, what would you do?


When someone calls you and asks, “What number is this?”, do you tell them?


If you see a crime in progress and no one is in immediate danger, how do you report it?


Do you keep your doors locked – even when you’re home?


Do all your entrance doors have deadbolt locks with a key?


Do you think you’re a good judge of trustworthy people you just met?


Do you always park in brightly lighted areas and lock your car even if you’ll only be gone a few minutes?


Do you always ask a sales, delivery or repair person to show their ID card before letting them in?


When an unexpected visitor comes to your door, do you keep the door closed (and /or chain latched) until you can identify the person?


If you are aware of criminal activity in your community, do you report it?


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