Assault Prevention Canada is dedicated to teaching you how to protect yourself, your children, your family and your community. Practical methods for prevention, avoidance and, if necessary, defence.

It’s not about physical strength. It’s not about learning Martial Arts. It’s not about fighting.

It is about being aware. It is about having a plan. It is about knowing you have the permission and ability to defend yourself.

Best defence,
don’t be there!

Three things are necessary for any crime to exist:

  • a criminal
  • a victim
  • an opportunity


The first step in preventing any crime is to remove the opportunity; which will also lower the probability of victimization. You wouldn’t leave your valuables on the front step for someone to take, would you?  The don’t leave yourself vulnerable to an attack – don’t be a victim.

One of the keys to preventing assault is not waiting for it to happen (or happen again). Becoming aware of, not only your environment, but of the attitude of people in that environment.

You can see it coming, and when you see it, leave – DON’T BE THERE.

People say “Oh, that’s easy for you to say, but you don’t know what it’s like”. Really? Does anyone want to be assaulted? That’s exactly what you are saying if you stay in a volatile situation; you are putting yourself in danger that will only get worse.

The first time, you’re a victim.
The second time, you’re a volunteer.

Women have been especially victimized for years in everything from children’s stories to hit films; a stream of images that say “You are weaker, you are slower, you are helpless…you are a victim”. These are what we like to call, WRONG.

Women have a naturally higher pain threshold, a keener instinct (woman’s intuition?), and a stronger sense for protecting their family. In nature it is the female that protects, and the male that primps and shows off. (OK, so it’s not that different with humans  if you think about it).

The problem is, we humans have suppressed our natural instincts to the point of stagnation, so when they try to take over, it’s like pushing on the car’s accelerator and brake at the same time – eventually something has to give, and by then it’s too late to be useful! We confuse fear with panic or worry and get stuck.

Fear is a trigger,
Speed is a weapon,
Survival is an attitude.

Fear is our natural instinct for survival trying to launch our body into motion – heart rate increasing, lungs expanding, nostrils flaring, muscles tensing, pupils dilating, hairs on end – all designed to increase awareness of the slightest threat to our safety so that we can avoid danger.

Panic/worry is manufactured, un-natural – it has no instinctual purpose; so it confuses the brain and short circuits the nervous system (and thus our muscles).

Your first defence is knowing you are allowed and able to defend yourself.

Then, be aware – and avoid volatile situations.

If you are caught in a bad situation, do whatever it takes to get out and away to safety.

Your last resort is to defend yourself physically; do so with all your strength and then leave!

Last, but not least, if ever you are assaulted, even if you get away unharmed, report it to the Police – see that the offender is caught and charged – if they get away with it they will always continue…if not with you, with someone else. The next person may not be as prepared as you…

First, do what is necessary.
Next, do what is possible.
Soon, you will find you are doing the impossible!
~ St. Francis of Assisi